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Our Mission

We exist to design creative solutions for any and every business need.

Gamut is a digital design and marketing agency that brings consumers and brands together. Our goal is to create things that both delight and surprise not only customers, but the world. We help our clients tackle their trickiest business problems, not just their marketing challenges.

From iconic brands like KISS to local small businesses, we’ve worked with all sorts of clients. No matter the size of your company, or how established your brand is, we’ll develop powerful, custom-tailored marketing strategies.

Our goal is to not only understand your business and your objectives, but to build a strategy that will work within your budget. We want what’s best for your business.

Our Location

We’re based in former textile capital of the United States.

Fall River is a mill-town on the south coast of Massachusetts. Fall River’s former slogan, “We’ll Try”, sums up the city’s citizens well. They’re hard workers who’ll get the job done no matter what it takes.

The city’s new slogan, “Make It Here”, aptly describes the modern era of Fall River. With a growing community of entrepreneurs, local business owners, and veteran founders, it’s the perfect place to make it big. It’s the reason why our marketing agency exists… to help small businesses grow.

Evan Goncalo, Founder/CEO of Gamut
Our Founder

Evan Goncalo

Evan Goncalo is Gamut’s Founder and CEO. Over his 11-year creative career, he has:

  • Built thriving communities and worked with mainstream media at award-winning video game studio, Turbine Inc., as a Marketing Coordinator.
  • Supervised the design and press preparation of The Herald News as a Composing Foreman at Gatehouse Media.
  • Ushered iconic brands into the digital realm as a Design Analyst at Hasbro, Inc.
  • Developed vital B2B and B2C applications for Fortune 500 companies as an Application Engineer at Nuance Communications (formerly Varolii Corp.)
  • Directed Bare Tree Media’s creative team as Lead Designer in the creation of digital content and mobile apps for major brands like Garfield, Hello Kitty, Star Trek, and more.
  • Revitalized two print publications and built a cutting edge content marketing channel as Senior Designer at TriMed Media.
  • Managed a world-class team of interactive designers at the country’s leading equestrian e-retailer, SmartPak, as Senior Interactive Designer.

Our Team

Brenton Snizek


Pat Haggan


Nate Goncalo


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